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Probably the most important question you are asking is: Is Market Cipher a scam? We take a closer look at CryptoFace’s Market Cipher bitcoin indicator to see if it’s worth the money or whether there are free versions available.


Introduction To Market Cipher


The Market Cipher Indicator has been receiving a lot of attention lately as the price of bitcoin rises and we start to see an influx of new traders again. There has been a number of indicators hitting the market that seem to be the answer to these new traders of how to beat the system and make money from trading in bitcoin through the use of leveraging.

The Market Cipher indicator is a mix of a number of different indicators that claims, if used correctly, can tell you exactly where the price of bitcoin is heading.

We decided to buy the indicator, which is currently priced at 0.1 bitcoin, along with the special whale group where CyptoFace posts all his trades, although he doesn’t call it a signals group, that essentially is exactly what it is. This group costs an additional 0.1 bitcoin.

Our review will cover all the indicators supplied with Market Cipher compared with the free indicators that are available on tradingview. We will then backtest the indicator in real-world situations to see how strong Market Cipher performs in comparison to free indicators.

Is Market Cipher really worth $1000? Let’s find out!

Example of Market Cipher at work

What You Get With Market Cipher

Once you have decided to purchase Market Cipher you will need to create a bybit account using his affiliate link, this means he will receive even more commissions once you start using the indicator. You then send Crypto Face your trading view username, along with the transaction id for the 0.1 BTC you have paid him and your bybit username.

Within 24 hours you will receive an email back telling you, you now have access to the special group within discord chat and that your trading view indicator will be active soon.

We received both access to the mc-scalpers, and the mc-swingers group within his discord channel and access to the indicators well within the 24 hours stated.

Trading View

Upon activation or invitation, as tradingview likes to call it, you can search for the indicators and see a green unlock padlock next to 3 Market Cipher indicators, as shown below.

Invite for Market Cipher


CyrptoFace Discord Group

The CyrptoFace Discord Group is free and you have access to the general-discussion area, you do not need to purchase Market Cipher to get access, but once you do purchase you get access to 3 additional areas:

  • mc-swingers – General discussion from other purchasers talking about signals on the larger time frames, 1hr, 4hr, 1day, week and month, etc.
  • mc-scalps – General discussion from other purchasers talking about signals on the smaller time frames, 30min, 15min, 5min, 1min, etc.
  • fg-analysis – This is where flopping groper (CyptoFaces brother) posts his thoughts about signals, patterns and where BTC may be heading.
Discord Channels for Market Cipher


Now The Review

Market Cipher is a combination of indicators wrapped into 3 simple indicators that look pleasant and make it super easy to see all the details within one screen. For new traders this is great, as you can follow some pretty simple rules as guided by Crypto Face and his team to make you a better trader. We will now look at each indicator and show you a single indicator that you can change settings to that do 80-90% of the job.

Market Cipher A Review

We have a seperate page for the Market Cipher A Review, but again it uses the same indicator settings below. To read that review check out our Market Cipher A Review here.

Market Cipher B Review

Let’s get straight to the main indicator review, Market Cipher B. This indicator is described by CryptoFace himself as the best strategy for Market Cipher users.

Market Cipher B consists of 5 seperate indicators wrapped into one display area, which makes it easy to see all the information in one go.

The main area of Maket Cipher B are the momentum waves, this shows bear and bull divergence as shown on the diagram below:

Example of Market Cipher B

The idea here is that you are looking for a big momentum wave, followed by a smaller trigger wave. At that point, the price will move accordingly. Note the lighter blue peaks, when these light blue peaks cut in, it’s the end of that trend and the actual trigger point. The wave is not complete until the close of that candle.

The best way to use this indicator is to work on the higher time frames first, to get a bigger picture of where the market is moving. So on the daily, if it looks bullish, then you should be looking for bull triggers on the smaller time frames to trade.

The next indicator that needs to be considered is the VWAP, known as Trend 3 within Market Cipher B and shown on the diagram above in yellow. VWAP is volume-weighted average price and shows where the volume is on a positive or negative position. This is typically used by traders on the smaller time frames but gives the user an idea of where the main buyers or sellers are at that point.

Another indicator within Market Cipher B is the RSI, which every trader uses to get an idea of whether the price is overbought or oversold.

How Good Is Market Cipher B?

One great thing about Market Cipher B is that all the information is in one place, and you can see a lot of information, making it easier to scroll through the different time frames at speed and understand the general market position.


Free Indicator, Get 100% of Market Cipher B For Free!

If you don’t want to spend 0.1 BTC on Market Cipher, that’s completely understandable, but lucky for you there are alternatives available, and with our simple settings it will look just like Market Cipher.  Take a look at the screen below and the two look almost identical:

Market Cipher B matching indicator


Yes, this indicator is completely free, and with a couple of changes to the settings you can get it to look exactly like market cipher B. Follow our simple steps:

  1. Go to your trading view and get CryptoVN_Trend. When it first opens it will look something like:
  2. Click the settings button within the indicator, it looks like a cog wheel
  3. Click on the style tab and use the settings in the image below, make sure to change the pattern from line to area as shown: Settings for Market Cipher
  4. Click the Inputs tab and use the following settings: settings for market cipher b

That’s it, you have it, but don’t forget to save the settings as your default!! Now you are missing the RSI, Stoch RSI, and Money Flow but they are free standard indicators anyway, so you will have to apply them seperately.

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The Green Dots

One of the biggest indicators that many people including CryptoFace use to trade off the Market Cipher B indicator are these green dots. But how technical are they exactly? If you’re expecting some super-secret code that only you have access to when you purchase Market Cipher, think again!

Green Dots on Market Cipher B

The reality is, this is just a low Momentum and RSI indicator and can again be seen on the CryptoVN_Trend indicator we used before. The green dots are showing when the RSI is super low and therefore should spark some buying pressure due to bitcoin being oversold. Take a look at the image below, every time the green dots appear on Market Cipher B, they also appear on our indicator, they only appear on Market Cipher B when they are below the low white line.

The green dots on market cipher B


One good thing with CryptoVN_Trend, you can see clearly when the green dot is was close to the white line, giving you a slight edge!


Remember to check out Market Cipher A review, where we will show you how to read this indicator to show where the blood diamonds, yellow X’s and more!


Closing Comments

The bottom line here, is that Market Cipher B is the all-singing, all dancing bitcoin indicator that is going to help you read the charts. Their discord channels are popular and you will get support, especially if you are new to trading and need some hand-holding. So is Market Cipher worth 0.1 BTC? Well, that’s hard to say, everyone comes from a different background and have different levels of wealth. If you want to join a group of traders and discuss the indicator and your trades, then it probably is worth the money. If you are prepared to learn about trading yourself then the free indicator we suggest is probably the best route.

The Market Cipher discord channel also shows the profit logs of some of the traders, and it’s important to say that you can make money trading with Market Cipher, but take your time and learn about the features and how to read the indicator on all time frames.

CryptoFace states in a number of interviews that some indicators are freely available, but have been tweaked to make them better. This is true, and he has made some tweaks to make it easier on the eye, but you be the judge if it really looks that much different.

One thing that Crypto Face has said on a number of occasions is that he and his partner came up with the blood diamond and yellow X code, so no one has it. Well, he may have well done that, but we will disagree that the signal is not there, as we will show you how you can read this same free indicator for those properties.

Many people who speak highly of Market Cipher are new traders, and this is exactly who it is designed for. Don’t just go in blindly and think that you have the magic pill to make you a million, you will get Rekd! Buy the indicator and follow all of Crypto Faces tutorials, then start practicing on a testnet to perfect your skills and learn. Never leverage over 3X and don’t let your emotions get the better of you after a bad trade.

The bottom line is Market Cipher is a great indicator for the chart reading. Giving you an aesthetically pleasing interface to easily read the charts quickly and precisely, the support team are great and their discord channel is very active. There are alternatives available, but you’re pretty much on your own reading and interpreting them.


More To Come

Keep an eye out on our site, as we build a more detailed review of the other indicators including the yellow cross indicator and money flow within Market Cipher and the Market Cipher Whale Group!

In the meantime, please let us know your thoughts and experience of Market Cipher in the comments below.

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