January 21, 2020

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A Little About Us

We take trading bitcoin very seriously and come from a trading background with stocks, mainly the London Stock Exchange, and futures. Trading bitcoin has only been on our radar for the last 5 years, we have seen a number of volatile markets and a load of scams that new markets are always subject too.

We identified Market Cipher after being told that this is the indicator that all serious traders should use if they want to make money with Bitcoin.

Obviously that sparked our curiosity, and after seeing the indicator on CryptoFaces Youtube channel, saw the similarities with the basic indicators available to all, especially the Market Cipher B indicator that is used the most.

We wanted to make sure we were right with our suspicions and purchase the indicators along with the full whale group signals group, to see if this is something special, or just another get rich quick scam, where the only beneficiarry is the owner of the indicator.

Our Market Cipher review are of our opinions only, it is your responsability to do your own research, but we hope this site helps you on your way.