January 21, 2020

Who Is CryptoFace?

If a trader only shows his winning trades, then they are hiding the truth from you. There is no trader in the world or any magical indicator who can trade with 100% accuracy. If they do not show the losing trades and are 100% transparent, then they are hiding the truth from you. There is another word for this and that is that they are a scammer. Don’t be fooled, we all want to get rich, but a magical indicator is not the answer, and shadow trading someone with no stock market experience who is not transparent is also the wrong thing to do. You will not learn anything about trading, but I guarantee you will lose money and if you believe in it enough you will lose a lot of money.

Hiding behind a mask
We know for a fact that CryptoFace loses trades by the bucket load! Just his most recent trades at the beginning of November 2019 he has been posting in his “Whale Crew” have been big losers. He started longing at 9317 saying he doesn’t see it going lower than 9200, then went quiet when the price dipped, came back and said he bought more at 9110, came back and said again to long at 8829 (although most followers had been stopped out). He said he put a stop at 8785, but when the price dipped lower than this he said he was still in his long, so again followers got stopped out. He is still long, saying longs look good yet with the price down at around 8600 this is a huge loss. Sure the price might go up in time, but not before everyone is liquidated. But we don’t see videos showing these trades, why not? Because he is only showing you what he wants you to see. Be very careful, many of his followers have lost a lot of money, yet refuse to admit it, they are stuck in an addiction similar to gambling, don’t get caught in the hype and think leverage trading is a quick way to make money.

Update: This particular trade, he held and longed again on another account at 8777, according to his Market Cipher indicator on the 8hr. Both of his trades got stopped out at 8550 with big losses and now he’s talking of going short! This is only one example and the latest he traded when writing this article, proof it is not the all singing all shining indicator he wants you to believe, you can take a look at all his latest trades to see how he performs. This is of course not an isolated trade, just his latest one.

It’s hard to hear his follower’s loose money and continue to trade. The only way a new trader is going to make money with Bitcoin is to hold for a considerable time, many many months, not hours, days or even weeks. New traders don’t have the liquidity to trade against the whales, no matter how good your indicator is. It takes a very experienced trader to recognize the patterns, learn the traps and spread bet against them. Does this mean we are calling Crypto Face a scammer? Well, we will let you decide, we just present the facts.

The Real CryptoFace

Who Is Crypto Face

We went back and forth about showing his picture, in fact when we first created this review we refused, but after receiving countless emails from customers with their horror stories, we thought that this was important and to expose CryptoFace to the full.

So why does CryptoFace hide his face? Well, there is a good reason! Crypto Face’s real name is Jeff Centrella from Arizona and was previously known on YouTube as JeffreyCrypto actively promoting the BitConnect Ponzi scheme. Hence the reason why he assumed a new anonymous identity under the name CryptoFace. He started with the creation of a “donation Bitmex pool” where he raised $150,000 from his viewers who expected him to make a profit and share the rewards with all, but, you guessed it, lost the majority, leaving just $5000. This was a risky venture and the people who invested knew that, so don’t jump to any conclusions, we all make and lose money on the stock market and bitcoin is way more volatile. He was also investing with the Arbitrage Coins bot which was another flop and sports betting which seems to have also gone to the wind! Along with collaboration videos and “consultations” with the well known Crypto personality known as the Oracle, whose real name is Delano, who has many haters and branded as a complete scam artist by many.

Now, as he actively promoted BitConnect as JeffreyCrypto and we all know that was a scam, he needed to hide his face and thus the reason for the ski mask. As CryptoFace he has been trying to ‘turn over a new leaf’, and although his first few ventures were a flop, his latest scheme seems to be getting a lot of attention within the bitcoin community and he certainly has his fans and haters. Whether he is a scammer or an entrepreneur is left for you to decide, we simply present the facts.

Recently, in fact, CryptoFace made over $200K on one single trade. We will be writing a separate review rating his trades, and how well the Market Cipher performed during these trades, showing you the signals and the accuracy of his calls, good and bad. So keep an eye out for that.

His Market Cipher indicator, what he claims, to be his own ‘special, secret sauce code’, which you can read more about in our Market Cipher Review. But was actually first seen on sale here: http://www.fxcoaching.com/WaveTrend/ way back in 2011, which they sold for $177. A few other coders got their hands on it and made it more pleasing with waves and additional indicators, then Jeff got hold of it and saw the $$$ signs! He added a few extra free indicators and started to sell it, claiming that it was his, with his own special code!!

If you want to get Market Cipher A and B for free, check out our Get Market Cipher Page. We are not ripping new traders off, we are giving it to you for nothing, as it was free for us and it should be free to everyone!

How Good Is Crypto Face at Trading?

You may be asking how well does Crypto Face trade with the Market Cipher indicator? If he’s truly has a bitcoin and trading indicator that always tells you when to trade, then surely he’s amongst the top traders in the Crypto world. Well, we take a look at his true trading performance to see if he trades as well as he says.


One way to gauge his success is to actually test him, but how do we set this up! Luckily for us, he’s not shy on promoting himself and his market cipher indicator. Recently this month (August) he compiled a team of his best traders to compete in the Bybit competition, claiming he was going to beat all the Chinese thanks to Market Cipher and his expert trading. He pumped the competition a few times within his own streams prior to the launch.

The Bybit EOS competition

We can’t think of a better platform to see how he himself and his “top team” perform against some of the best traders!


As of writing this review we have just 2 hours until the completion of the competition that has been running from 14 Aug 04:00 PM UTC – 21 Aug 12:00 PM UTC on a Crypto coin called EOS/USD, but nevertheless, let’s see how they are doing!

The Team Results

The CrytoFace team, which has 19 participating members, currently lie in 37th position, with the profitability of 0.73%. With the top 10 leaders all performing over 13%. Not a great result for the Crypto Face Cult team!
Results of the Crypto Competition

Crypto Face Result

Now as the leader of the team and the inventor of Market Cipher you would think that he would be leading his team as far as performance is concerned. Well, let’s take a look at how he personally performed in this competition.
Crypto Face Results

That’s right, he came in second but last out of his team in 18th place with a loss of 40.8%. That is not too good, is it?! We’re not going to write anything bad about Crypto Face’s trading method, just show you the results of his latest competition, so you can judge for yourself.

My only caution to new traders is, if the actual inventor of Market Cipher cannot profit from it over a week of trading, be very careful with your money, especially if you leverage trade.

Update, the competition has now finished and here are his results:

Crypto Face Update

Yes, he came 19th out of 19 in his team and lost pretty much everything! Wow! Doesn’t look like his indicator served him well in this competition. He obviously just gambled, and if he had won would be on a hard marketing campaigne to sell Market Cipher.


We looked for all his leading participants within the Discord Channel within Market Cipher group, and could not find any posts. We cannot therefore verify if all his team members were actually using Market Cipher to trade.ย  The top 3 members within his team performed pretty averagely with the best performing 5.36%.

Top Members of Crypto Faces Team

Crypto Face on the other hand, who we know uses Market Cipher performed badly, with a loss of over 42%.

We also have to note that this competion is not complete, but you can use the following links to see how they are performing yourself:

Bybit team competition results: https://www.bybit.com/all-teams?id=67

Crypto Faces Team Performance: https://www.bybit.com/team-detail?id=67

We hope you found this article useful if you have anything to add or tell us then either add your comment below or contact us. You can also read our full review of the Market Cipher indicator, along with alternatives on our homepage.


BTC Brawl Competition

So Crypto Face has entered into the latest competition, the BTC Brawl, we’re early into the competition, but so far he is 38% in loss, losing over 2 bitcoins so far! We will keep you informed of his progress over the competition period.
btc brawl results


The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

I am not a financial advisor. Nothing written on this site should be taken as financial advice. Everything written here is just the opinion of some random trader on the internet. You must accept full responsibility for your own financial decisions, even if Market Cipher makes Crypto Face millions. You must also accept responsibility for the losses you incur if you are stupid enough to buy Market Cipher and your bitcoin holdings reduces vastly.


12 thoughts on “Who Is CryptoFace?

  1. Thanks for this. I saw one interview with him and his advice on how trading works was such inane s**t. Like a lot of high-falluting “expert” traders, he doesn’t make his money trading. He makes all his money selling access to his private group and his overpriced indicator. Hope they expose the dude for what he is. Nice job!

  2. Crypto Face here, this whole website is a complete attack on me. It was quite public that we were actually in 9th place in the competition. I made it very clear we wanted to get first place or even top 3. There fore i went all in on a hail mary trade that would get us there, trade went backwards. I could have settled for 9th place and been fine , i should have known a website like this would try to use that against me. Why dont you also post how we made 250k shorting the bakkt dump hmm? or how our trade group made over a million just that one day?

    This review is a complete joke.

    1. Just reporting the facts my friend! We’re not attacking anyone, just need to make sure people are aware of everything before they spend $1000 on an indicator, what’s wrong with that?
      The bottom line is that this indicator can make someone lose a lot of money, especially if they leverage to trade. We want to make it clear that the market cipher indicator cannot make you rich, unless your willing to risk a lot of money. You believe it tells you which way the market is heading, but it’s simply just a momentum oscillator. You also say the yellow VWAP is a key indicator, and it’s not even a VWAP!!! It’s just the 2 wave tends sum, you also say it got some magic settings that you tweaked, and we disagree, we also believe you have no real trading background. Readers of our site should know that there is no such thing as a silver bullet. And sorry, we don’t update the site on a daily basis to keep up with every trade you do, and we’re not saying your indicator is bad! We just don’t think it’s worth the money, obviously, you do, but that may be a tad biased… People who read this site, and it’s pretty popular now, (we have just upgraded the server because of traffic), are clever enough to make their own minds up, as long as they have all the facts.

  3. apparently you arent serious about the whole “fact” thing when you just copy pasted a reddit post that made up completely false allegations to smear me

    1. Sorry Crypto Face, wrong again! We have all the documentation from your very own lips. We will be posting the videos and posts soon, stay tuned folks!! I’ll give you a preview, and I quote: “I (Jeffrey Crypto aka CryptoFace), make 400K off bitconnect, as far as payroll is concerned they run a tight ship”! Don’t worry, our readers will get to see it all!! You denying it is just simply embarrassing!

  4. crypto face better watch out

    Market Cipher Is A RIP OFF – Here’s Why
    CryptoWave Pro is owned by Tyson from CryptoProTools

    check the video out here – https://youtu.be/dJdqVusArJU

    this guy a scam

    then he got posts this on his website:

    Anyone copying reselling or replicating any of our services will be prosecuted to the fullest degree given their countries legal limitations. Crypto Face IS NOT a financial adviser and is not responsible for any losses incurred from your own trades.

    what a scammer

  5. make 400k from bitconnect? not even close lol, i had a friends downline put in 300k but uhh i sure as hell didnt make anything close to 400k, maybe like 4k if that . Nice try though. Youll be served soon plenty of lies all over this site. Keep watchin our profit logs though everyones kickin ass

  6. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™ WHAT’S UP MY BABES ITS YOUR FRIEND, s0mmee!!

    I have to STRONGLY disagree with the “tone” of this article… and to any reader, give this a thorough viewing.

    Before I start, if you come in with a negative mindset… that trading is rigged, indicators are all scams, and that everyone is out to get you, then you will walk away from this believing that there is no edge here. And you will be very wrong and mistaken. You’re just like that person who thinks Bitcoin is a scam and it’s going to drop from $1000 down to $0 back in 2016…. Don’t be that guy…


    Firstly, CookieFace made $200,000 in a trade. It’s live, its documented. If he “claimed it” and didn’t record it, you would be SUPER critical. Can you name me one person out there who has done such an amazing trade, LIVE? He used parts of Market Cipher to help put the trade on and develop it.. I mean… even if you don’t like the indicator, at least you can learn, for free, how to use it properly… that’s easily worth it’s price by itself.

    He did it and he used Market Cipher to get in and play the trade out etc. What else do you want? A guy used it to make $200,000 .. don’t want to buy the indicator? Then don’t ๐Ÿ™‚


    If there was any shadow of a doubt that it wasn’t true… you’d have 10 pages on this website just jerking over it… but it’s there on YouTube … he made a call for a Bakkt Dump for BTC, did the trade, walks out $200,000 richer … and tells everyone before hand …


    When the EOS competition ran… Bitcoin was way more of a priority. We all knew that it wasn’t worth focusing on that dogshit trash coin because there was much more money to be made trading BTC (I believe it was Short City at the time)


    Finally, I’d have to say that the real “edge” in Market Cipher is not so much a “magical indicator”, but an approach to trading that is simplified and efficient. I’ve been around 9 years, I’ve seen every indicator… statistical arbitrage and correlation weighted models that predict the future movement is cool stuff to make dogshit profits in Futures Markets & blah blah.. but this is Bitcoin & crypto, it’s for crack addicts, get a simple indicator and let someone teach you how to use it. It’s not complicated but it takes hard work.

    It hurts the brain but you need to do it. Check different time frames and ask questions to those who are profitable and you might get thrown a bone. And go through the past 2 weeks of charts for yourself to see how your strategy/style will play out.


    If the Market Cipher price dropped from 0.1 BTC to 0.02 BTC then I wonder if this website would even exist ….


    To conclude.. I was searching on the internet for a way to Swing trade since I was only scalping… Market Cipher helped me to do that. It gives me the wave, money flow, the tools all in one place and CF has plenty of examples on how to use the system…

    I’m still learning swing trading and I’m not a master yet but I learned 100 times faster and more efficient than if I just went about it my own way and hard to sift through indicators manually.

    It’s legit and CF’s heart is in the right place.

    I really don’t know what else there is to tell anyone…

    Trading is always going to be hard. Yes 90% of people lose money. But these tools significantly increase your chances of swimming with the 10%.



    1. Thanks for your indepth review, but to clarify, we are not saying that the indicator is all that bad. We are making sure that potential buyers understand that there is a lot more to trading successfully than just using Market Cipher. There is no magic indicator.
      Market Cipher put simply, is a momentum oscillator, that’s available for free. Observing divergences with these types of indicators is a well-known trading technique, but the vast majority will lose money when comparing with DCA and hodling. Unless you have some serious time to study and learn about swing and scalp trading the odds are against you.
      CryptoFace states in many of his videos that Market Cipher is all you need, all we want to say is this is not true. You need a good knowledge of the market, trading and an understanding of the volatile Crypto market. The facts are simple, you are not going to make a lot of money using Market Cipher unless you are willing to risk a lot of money and learn from your mistakes!

    2. Somme. CRYPTO FACE or jeffery has in many videos stated his indicator is the jewel, that one only needs the waves for 90%. She bangs she bangs etc. He make it sounds that once you have it your good to go. For a person without knowing how to make a strategy its impossible to make money on market cipher.

      To put it simply, he is missleading people and you are defending him.

      1. After following Crypto Faces trades for the last couple of months, and reporting them on our site, it’s clear that Market Cipher is nothing more than a scam.

  7. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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