January 21, 2020

Crypto Faces Whale Crew Latest Trades – Results!

Latest Trade Results From The Whale Crew

We have now recorded every trade made by Crypto Face which he posts in his Whale Crew for 2 whole months! Check out the tables below to see how he performed! Alternatively, you can read more about Crypto Face and his past ventures to get a better idea of the person behind this indicator.

New For 2020

Let me know if you find this information useful by sending me a message and a tip using the address below. I’m not sure whether to keep upto date with all Crypto Faces trades, or whether I have proved the point that I was trying to make. i.e Crypto Face and his Market Cipher is nothing more than a scam, losing over $136,000 in November and December with his trades, but making substantially more with his sale of Market Cipher to the public and commissions from Bybit. Nevertheless, let me know!

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1 – We are using a standard amount of contracts which he seems to use and averaging it out to 60BTC, as he does not release exactly how many he is trading within his whale crew. Unless he shows the amount, then we will obviously use that! If he states he is “entering a small amount” we will halve it to 30 BTC.

2 – He doesn’t state the price when he exits, and rarely uses a stop loss, so we use the price when he posts. This is fair, because this is the best price you will get if you shadow trade him.

3 – We will try to update the chart as often as he trades to give you an idea of the frequency of trades.

4 – Crypto Face is not clear with his trades, he says he puts stop losses in, but when it passes he says he is still in the trade.

5 – He opens new trades on other accounts, then he is not clear about which trade he is cutting or holding, you have to make a guess.

6 – You may have heard he made a $250K win during the BAAKT dump, unfortunately, he has deleted all his past trades from his whale crew, so we do not have the data. Why he deleted them we’re not sure, but we would have like to include all his past trades within the list.

There is a reason he never shows his asset history within Bybit! If you ask him, he will just delete your message!

Crypto Face’s Performance – The Results

December 2019 Trades

*Please note, all the statements are between “” and have been copied and pasted, this is exactly what he posts, typo’s included!

Current Total = -$32,950 (Loss, although we expect this to be a lot higher)

That said, according to the ByBit Competition which started on the 28th November he is over $36,000 in loss. We only guess his exit price on time of posting, and give hime the benefit of doubt that he exited at a good time, obviously this is not the case!

Take a look below for screen shots of his whale crew discord channel.

Don’t believe us? No problem, just take a look at how he’s trading in the December Bybit Brawl Competition:

ByBit BTC Brawl Competition

Crypto Face is participating in the BTC Brawl, where he boasts that he is taking a different strategy to kill it! We will monitor his progress, but so far he has lost over 2 bitcoins and 38% down!

Also, only 1 in 4 of his team are actually in a positive position, whilst 75% of them are in the negative!

Best of all, they keep track of all the traders P&L, here’s how CryptoFace is doing

btc brawl results

Update: He is now in a loss of over 5 BTC, which makes him biggest loser in his team, noone else has lost over 5BTC!

He is also trying to cheat the system by adding more bitcoin to his address, check out the screenshot above where he started with just over 5BTC, by adding more bitcoin into his Bybit wallet he reduces the percentage loss, i.e. he raised his wallet to 20 BTC and with a loss of now 5BTC is just a 25% loss as opposed to the 38% loss before! This is not going to fool us CryptoFace! Check the screenshot below and notice his loss has increased to 5 bitcoins, but his P&L percentage has dropped because he added more into his account:

Update on the BTC Brawl

You can track it yourself take a look at: https://www.bybit.com/team-detail?contestId=4&teamId=363

Now tell me this, if the master and inventor of Market Cipher is more than 5 bitcoins down, and he does not show you his P&L but states his indicator is right all of the time, how the hell is this not a scam? I just hope more people are not sucked in. And to all the lovers of CryptoFace out there, recognize that you have got a potential gambling problem, set an amount your willing to lose, when that amount has been reached, walk away, be strong, don’t think you can win it all back and understand you have been scammed. This is hard to do as people are proud and don’t like admitting that they have been sucked in, in many cases, they still don’t believe it, but you are at risk of losing a lot more unless you change.

CryptoFace is making more and more money through affiliate sales with Bybit, which he gets the more people trade, and selling his indicator, so he will always be able to gamble large amounts and put on a front to get more suckers signing up under him. Please, please, don’t get sucked in.

November 2019 Trades

Final Result Total For November = -$98,400 Loss

Here’s a screenshot of his recent trades within his Whale Crew, you can see how lack of detail it is and that we are not messing with the results:
Whale Crew
More Whale crew scalps

If Crypto Face is not making money, why do you think you will, it’s obvious he is not being truthful, just please do your own research before you buy his indicator.

We have been inundated with responses, so we decided to share people’s experiences of Market Cipher and their trades in our new testimonials page, please share your honest feedback if you have used his indicator.

For some reason, he does have his supporters, so we would love to hear from them with proof of their trades, not just the good but their overall P&L. Please feel free to share, but we’re not expecting they will as the majority, if not all are in negative equity, but believe they will make it all back.

Why Is Crypto Face Losing Money?

It’s pretty obvious to any experienced trader why CryptoFace is losing money at the moment. His indicator is essentially a momentum oscillator and when the market is flat (as bitcoin is at the moment), the momentum is hard to read and not accurate, you really need wild fluctuations for this type of indicator to give you an idea on direction, but should not be used alone. Also not paying attention to Fibonacci lines and levels of support and resistance when there’s low volume is just going to put you in a world of hurt and frustrations as the retail market and bots are pretty much the only traders.



The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

I am not a financial advisor. Nothing written on this site should be taken as financial advice. Everything written here is just the opinion of some random trader on the internet. You must accept full responsibility for your own financial decisions, even if Market Cipher makes Crypto Face millions. You must also accept responsibility for the losses you incur if you are stupid enough to buy Market Cipher and your bitcoin holdings reduces vastly.


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Hopefully this information helped you and saved you a lot of money! Please tip only if you can afford it!

7 thoughts on “Crypto Faces Whale Crew Latest Trades – Results!

    1. We’re not saying he’s not profitable, but since we’ve been monitoring his trades he is down nearly 100K, so he’s definitely not as profitable as he would like you to think. Notice he only goes live on YouTube when he’s in the green and never shows you his total P&L for the month!! He is not being honest. We suspect the majority of his profit is from selling his indicator, which is certainly not worth the money!

      1. I also noticed this, always in a green trade when going online.. sometimes taking a loss just to brag, or make an excuse that he has to leave all of the sudden…

        He may make money on the sale. but hes loosing it on the trades 🙂

  1. I have been trying to figure out what i can do with his indicator. But after 2 month i realised that those waves he talks about (he states 90%acc) has less than 50. BUT i have to say i am using one his MCA, yellow x etc. But i feel the community overall is kept in a leach, if you trash talk the indicator, your out. Ive seen peps saying the truth, u copied an indicator and put an insane price for it. Those peps got kicked. And ive been talking to some that shows great pnl. They aint even using market cipher or only as an second confirmation. Please do not buy this. Spend it on real education.

    To admin THANKS. Keep the good fight up

    1. Hence, why we built this site, to hopefully stop him from making any more! Unfortunately, people like to think that there is a system out there that can beat the professional traders and market makers.

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