January 21, 2020

Private Market Cipher Discord Groups

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Introduction To The CryptoFace Special Discord Group

As part of the Market Cipher package you get access to 3 additional channels within the CryptoFace Discord group. They are:

  • mc-swingers
  • mc-scalps
  • fg-analysis

They are the place other members talk about which trade they are looking at and how things are looking. We take a look at these channels to see if there is anything interesting in there that will help you make a better trade.


Full of Comments

The first thing that is very apparent, is the amount of people who are getting rekt! It was a little surprising, considering they are all suppose to be expert traders now! Just take a look at some of the comments in the image below:

Example of CyptoFace Discord group


You may think I may have cherry picked 2 or 3 comments, but there are litterally hundreds of these types of comments appearing daily. Here’s a few more just to prove a point:

Another discord example

It is a real active group, so if you like posting about bitcoin, then your in luck, theres many like minded people in there and some experts who will give you some solid advice on how better to use Market Cipher.

One thing that becomes quite clear is that there are many more new traders than there are expert traders. So it’s kind of like the blind leading the blind in many cases! Although there are many succeeding, there are many more not!


So Is It Helpful

Well, the two main groups above are not that helpful for an intermediate trader, just full of chatter with no real direction. New traders may find it useful, as the members generally help each other out and provide advice. CryptoFace has never posted in these channels himself as far as I can see, his brother flopping groper does on the odd occasion. The only real useful channel is the fg-analysis, where flopping groper posts roughly twice a day stating the general trends in the market. Quite useful, but youtube is full of this type of information.

Take a look at our full Market Cipher review to see if it’s an indicator to help you trade bitcoin, or just another scam.


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