January 21, 2020

Market Cipher Real Testimonials

Testimonial 1

I am sharing this research with you to help expose Jeffery. Now I joined his group after frustration in my trades and searching many sites for guidance. Came across Cryptoface and I bit. Joined whale-crew for $450.00 and results for me were mediocre. I’m still in the negative from when I joined so now I only glance at Discord and never bought into the Market Cipher Indicator.

Now after outgrowing his comical and crass persona and dark humor which I admit I sometimes enjoyed, I started to recognize inconsistencies, excuses, hypocritical remarks and claims. A general disingenuous and now after reading your site I would dare to say “scammy”.

I started viewing old videos first to locate a video I remember where as in many of his other videos he claims people are saved from poverty, from war torn countries, fatherless mothers who can now feed their children, etc. And in this video he mentioned that if you have a job or don’t want to learn how to trade don’t worry, all you have to do is follow my calls. This was about the time I decided to join.

I cant find that video so finally I decide to go through all his videos and listen and read the transcripts. Not all videos have transcripts, which allows you to skip though quickly. Some videos like live streams that are a hour or more have no transcripts, I skip through and I’m sure I miss allot. I know he sometimes edits or removes videos, so there’s that. Another video I tried to find was where he disses many Indicators (that he now uses) and other You Tubers. Found similar videos but not the exact one.

The point of this story is that while doing the above-mentioned search I notice more errors in his presentations throughout his YouTube channel. So I began searching over again his videos with more effort and saved videos and transcripts when available to better catalog his claims, inconsistencies, hypocrisy and lies.

I am now at the (7 months ago point, April 1, 2019) on Cryptoface YouTube channel, so I skimmed halfway through all his videos.

So below I have included a few direct quotes and some paraphrased and my statements without linking to videos or transcripts. I can provide more detail and time stamps upon request:

1. “oh my god I’ve been on mute I just went over this whole monologue and I’ve been on mute what’s up but what I was saying is I didn’t want to break it to everyone like this but Oracle’s actually my dad, he came out, it’s this for the proofs online, by the way all this stuff you guys could find online, he came out for business years ago to my city and he slept with my mom apparently and my mom never asked him for child support but you guys are gonna have to go to bed at night knowing that your favorite you tuber is actually the son of your most hated” (Quote)
2. Advocates US citizens to use VPN for foreign markets. (Statement)

3. List of Indicators he used in his charts: Elliot wave, Bollinger Band Triangles, Lines, Fibonacci, Chinese ching chon lines, Heikin ashi candles, Sigler MFI, Ching Chong Indicator, Stochastic RSI, Keltner channel, Mac Aroon Oscillator and now the great Market Cipher. (Statement)

4. Recently, past calls or archive from his Discord swing/scalp plays are only kept. So nothing incriminating can be retrieved. Probably started this after your impact! A member on discord asked ‘ I’ve not been reading Discord for awhile. And have noticed that the scalp/swing-plays previous calls are gone. Is there something wrong with Discord or is it on my side?’ the reply to this was ‘No nothing wrong were cleaned out to not create any confusion’. (Statement)

5. “know what that means that means for the first time ever our channel is responsible for damn near bankrupting bitmex baby round of applause man I’m telling you we are getting no one else baby episode 3 come with me and we’re saving families there’s people leaving third-world countries because of this channel” (Quote)

6. “there is no such thing as support right now no such thing I laugh I laugh in anyone right now I laugh when I want says with Nick support next support there is no support there is no support with China although there is resistance but with China there is no support” (Quote)
(My Statement) Many videos after this quote he displays or mentions support levels. Doesn’t his new indicator include S/R?

7. “may I present all that you need to see is right in front of you here is no RSI or MACD of any kinds what there is triangles dragons and I heikin ashi candles” (Quote)

8. “show me any other channel where you just get gold just like that sold at the top all because of lay lines look boom the trend is our friend and look we have the bottom trend right here okay so there’s no our RSI indicators on here it’s all lay lines draw” (Quote)

9. “forget about the RSI forget about all those stupid indicators wait for after a dump draw lines at the tops in the bottoms and just immerse yourself immerse yourself and you’re gonna be surprised you are going to start nailing trades better than anyone you know” (Quote)

10. “you’re better off looking at what is it doing then some broken BS indicator like the RSI I have it here for this” (Quote)

11. “what’s going to happen now and we’ve been right every single time every single time so to everyone that dislikes these videos of people being literally lifted out of poverty paying off debts moving oppressive situations” (Quote)

12. “you guys are gonna make your money back faster off of these signals that we’re putting out and they’re happening 30 seconds later literally I’m telling you when to buy when to sell what’s gonna happen next in a matter of seconds a matter of seconds” (Quote)

13. “I’m telling you if you had access to the whale crew you would have had all the correct entries you might even have some exits though whale crew is the crew to do and if you want to be a part of it you can to look in the description below” (Quote)

14. “now if you want my exact entries and exits if you want to know how if you wanted to know my exact scalps I just did that we’re hitting right now where I’m entering where I’m exiting where I’m reentering I’m exiting the whale group here’s the explanation yes and five hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin” (Quote)

15. “You will be a better person. I don’t give you every single detail of the trade. I give you enough, I show you the door.” (Quote)

That’s all for now, Good Luck.

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