January 21, 2020

Market Cipher SR Review


This is another indicator thats included within the purchase of Market Cipher. You can read the full Market Cipher review here to get a better idea of what it is and how it works.

Market Cipher SR is a mixture of buy and sell signals that claims to help you spot the ideal entry and exit points with the bitcoin charts.

What are the indicators and how well do they work? We take a closer look at this set of indicators to see.

The Indicators

Piled within Market Cipher SR are 3 seperate indicators, all of which are effectively telling you the same thing, when to buy and when to exit.

Market Cipher SR Indicators

Before using this indicator, CrytoFace states to change the resolution to 2-3 time frames below the actual time frame you are on. So for example if you are on the 1 hr time frame, change the resolution to 15 mins.

Pivot High, Pivot Low Indicator

These indicators show a blue line of where the high points and low points are within the time frame.

Market Cipher SR Pivot high and low

Not really sure how useful this is, if your a seasoned trader then this is just extra waste on the screen. Do they actually capture good trade points. No, but I suppose you can use it to see general direction of the price.

Market Exit, Market Entry

These 2 indicators are the changed once you change the resolution we spoke about above. Again, they show ideal entry points and exit points shown with a yellow and purple line.

Market Cipher SR Entry and Exits

Again, use this if your a real beginner and don’t mind loosing the money your trading with, we certainly would not recommend using this signal when leveraging.

To Conclude

We’re not really sure why they offer Market Cipher SR within the package, it would most likely confuse a new trader of which signal to use. Experienced traders would never use these types of signals and your more likely to get burn’t.

Take a look at our full Market Cipher review to see how well it works in comparison to free indicators.

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